June Inspiration

ENSD Pamela Shaw – The four stages of FINISHERS! Listen to my Vox

ENSD Pamela Shaw – It’s our championship season – it’s our final month! Are you living, leading, working as an MVP? Cross the finish line like a pro!! Listen to my Vox

Leah Lauch Lan – Peak performance is grounded in the skillful art of ENERGY management! Listen to my Vox

ESSD Amy Kemp – Need more sales before the end of June? More new team members? More ANYTHING in your business? Listen up! Listen to my Vox


Booking and Coaching

NSD Lisa Allison trained in a second vox as well!! Where is the #1 place to find your hostesses? 3 tips from this top National Sales Director: Listen to my Vox

SNSD Julia Burnett
Step 1: Speaking OUT a COMPELLING vision. It will get your guests’ attention. Listen to my Vox
Step 2: Your MK-life could be effortless but not without effort. Listen to my Vox
Steps 3 & 4: Making it “interactive” with tickets. Introducing YOU WANT TICKETS & selling the dream via the Purse Game. Listen to my Vox

Sales Director Brooke Noble
The HOW TO for getting the 2nd appointment! Listen to my Vox
How to play “the fabulous name game” at your appointments! Listen to my Vox

Top Sales Director Tina Franz
Coaching parties in 2016 Listen to my Vox
Cancellations? Ugh!!! Here’s some verbiage! Listen to my Vox
Booking and coaching using MODERN Verbage & Tech skills! Listen to my Vox

NSD Jeanie Martin – Booking Using a Model Portfolio Listen to my Vox

Linda Toupin – Tips & Truths for the week: Coaching a party reduces postponements & cancelations. Remember your job is to help the hostess get what she wants free or at a discount. When you help enough people get what they want you get what you want (not just the Mary Kay but in life) Listen to my Vox

NSD Jan Thetford – Postponements happen to all of us! I believe there are 3 reasons why they do and we can do something about 2 of them Listen to my Vox

Lifeline of Your Business Booking Messages by Tina Frantz

Message 1- Make the time to Book! Listen to my Vox

Message 2- Who do I Book? Listen to my Vox

Message 3- Stuck and Need New people! Listen to my Vox

Message 4- Booking Referrals Listen to my Vox

Message 5- Booking from your Bookings Listen to my Vox 

Message 6- Anatomy of a Booking Listen to my Vox


Customer Service

NSD Jan Thetford
Part 1 – on the value of great Customer Service! What is it? Why do we do it? and How do we do it? This message is a little long but it sets the foundation and the other messages will be shorter! Listen to the message and start putting money making systems in place right away! Listen to my Vox
Part 2 – on The Value of Incorporating Great Customer Service into your Business! Why is Customer Service Important? Listen to my Vox
Part 3 – How do we incorporate great customer service? Listen to my Vox


Guests to Meeting

Top Sales Director Tina Franz – How to bring GUESTS to your weekly meetings and events! Listen to my Vox


Image & Etiquette

NSD Holli Lowe – Get Sharp and Get Professional Listen to my Vox

Linda Toupin – Why are we not allowed to share negatives at our success meetings, the ugly rubber chicken & the power of another’s words on your filter Listen to my Vox


Lead Generation

NSD Diane Mentiply – Lead gen in David Bridal stores Listen to my Vox

SD Karla Plantan – Kiss Personality at your lead gens!!! Listen to my Vox

SD Tifany Lindeman – How to set up & the logistics for day care lead gen events! Listen to my Vox

Catarina Harris Earl – Working with Hair Salons Listen to my Vox

Senior Sales Director Tifany Lindeman sharing how to do lead generation events with daycares! Listen to my Vox

Director Jen Steiger voxes from Delaware to share her favorite lead generator. She is naturally shy and introverted but has an amazing and easy way to work lead generation into a quick lunch break or on the way home from work Listen to my Vox

Director Stephanie Cost with some powerful words about using Facebook to grow your business Listen to my Vox

SSD SREELA FITZPATRICK – How to setup and conduct lead gen events with restaurants, clothing stores and health clubs Listen to my Vox

Part 1: Listen to my Vox
Part 2: Listen to my Vox

SSD GIGI WALKER A SUPER Fun new twist on the Fabulous Name game for REFERRALS at your appointments!!! Listen to my Vox


Money Management

Cindy Machado-Flippen‘s GREAT message about money mgmt & managing your inventory. She supported herself as a SINGLE WOMAN for 7 years (bought a house near NYC, etc!) completely from her MK business. She says “the day I got this (money mgmt) I saw financial freedom in the middle of my mess”; well worth a Listen to my Vox

SNSD Julia Burnett – $$ management basics, do you have a specific place for your $ to land once you make a sale? Listen to my Vox

Sales Director Amy Kemp‘s Tips on How to Run a Tight Financial Ship & Earn a Profit in MK! The Flow of Money Through Your Business! Million $$$ Listen to my Vox


Motivation & Inspiration

SNSD Julia Burnett – Personal Growth & Self-Esteem – You’ll never outperform your self-esteem. If your desire is a “10” & yet your self-esteem is a “5,” your desire will always perform at a “5”. A story that touched me this morning from John Maxwell’s “15 Invaluable laws of growth” Listen to my Vox

Jan Thetfotd GROWTH series
Message 1 – Overview of Growth
Message 2 – Growing Spiritually
Message 3 – Growing Emotionally
Message 4 – Growing Mentally
Message 5 – Growth Wrap-up/Summary

Top Sales Director Eileen Huffman – Dealing with Disappointment
PART 1 Listen to my Vox https://www.voxer.com/v/6e58101282
PART 2 Listen to my Vox https://www.voxer.com/v/4838019600

Leah LauchlanHow do you respond to God’s detour and delay? Listen to my Vox

NSD Sylvia Kalicak – Showing up for SUCCESS! Listen to my Vox

ESSD Amy Kemp – Leaders are resourceful finishers! Are you throwing your hands up or figuring it out in August? Listen to my Vox

Darren HardyHere’s a 3 min tough love message from my man, Darren! “You have to have the guts to risk the life you are living for the one you are capable of.” Listen to my Vox

Top Sales Director Tina Frantz – Feeling frustrated or scared about your month or results? 4 things that could be reason why! Listen to my Vox

Senior Sales Director Karla Plantan – She shares why YOU need to attend Seminar! Listen to my Vox

NSD Jan Thetford – Are you a weenie or a hotdog? Listen to my Vox

The November NSDs@Play Google Hangout with SNSD Julia Burnett & NSD Roya Mattis was pre-recorded. Tune in at your convenience! How to be BOLD and be a FINISHER!

ESSD Amy Kemp – Why Now? Seminar 2013
This “Best Ever” Seminar speech!


NSD Jan Thetford – Top 10 Phrases that Have built my Business!
Part 1 of 5 Listen to my Vox
Part 2 of 5 Listen to my Vox
Part 3 of 5 Listen to my Vox
Part 4 of 5 Listen to my Vox
Part 5 of 5 Listen to my Vox

NSD Diane Mentiply – 20 Key Habits of Consultants who MOVE UP! Listen to my Vox

NSD Holli Lowe – Go Get Gritty Listen to my Vox


NSD Diane Mentiply – How to manage orders on your personal websites Listen to my Vox

Product Knowledge

Tina Frantz
Basic set Listen to my Vox
Day and night solution 1 Listen to my Vox
Day and night solution 2 Listen to my Vox
Foundation primer spf 15 Listen to my Vox
Satin Lip Set Listen to my Vox
Cc cream Listen to my Vox

Julia BurnettThe EU is known around the globe to have the highest standard of product safety so this is exciting news for us to legally be able to make this claim. I personally plan to add this to my flip chart to empower my consultants it’s a great confidence statement to share about our incredible company. Listen to my Vox



Heather Erbe – The Individual Close — MASTER CONSULTANT style!! Confidence comes by doing the right things over and over!! Listen to my Vox

Leah Lauchlan – Full Circle Business defined! (Check out the chart) Listen to my Vox

NSD Diane Mentiply – Overcoming SELLING Objections Listen to my Vox

NSD Diane Mentiply – Diane’s Individual Close Listen to my Vox

Team Building

NSD Diane Mentiply – Closing the party table WITH the opportunity! Listen to my Vox

NSD Diane Mentiply – How to book a practice team building / training appointment Listen to my Vox

#2 in Pearl in 2013 & TOP 10 in 2014! Tips from Blythe Egbert on how to earn THE BEE! Personally recruiting Listen to my Vox

Sales Director Heidi Lurvey – Team building on the spot Listen to my Vox

NSD Diane Mentiply – Overcoming team building objections! Listen to my Vox


Time Management

SNSD Julia Burnett – Four lists for intentional living: 1. What brings me JOY, 2. What drains me, 3. Bug list, 4. My “to BE” list Listen to my Vox



NSD Diane Mentiply – Notebook tracking to build your business!! Listen to my Vox


21 Day Team Building Bootcamp

Sharing this opportunity is one of the greatest gifts we can give someone. For the next 21 days, learn tips, suggestions, scripts, and ideas from top directors and Nationals to expand your team building skills. Mary Kay Ash asked us to pass it on. Whose dreams are attached to yours??

Day 1
Top Director Nicki Hill shares her mindset and strategy for building your team. Listen to my Vox

Day 2
Top director Tricia Bless shares the team building diet plan with you! Listen to my Vox

Day 3
National Sales Director Heidi Goelzer shares her mindset about team building. Listen to my Vox

Day 4
Listen as top director Beth Feinstein talks about overcoming your fears and asking everyone to hear about this opportunity. Listen to my Vox

Day 5
Million Dollar Sales Director Melissa Hennings talks to you about sharing the heart of Mary Kay with everyone you meet. Listen to my Vox

Day 6
Cadillac Sales Director Beth Gallagher shares her strategy with you for consistent team building. Listen to my Vox

Day 7
National Sales Director Diane Mentiply shares her script for team building at EVERY appointment. Mary Kay herself always said there is a new team member at every party. Learn how to find them! Listen to my Vox

Day 8
Cadillac Senior Sales Director Tami Cloute shares her tips for team building success. Listen to my Vox

Day 9
Listen as Sales Director Mary Beth White shares top ten tips for recruiting that she has learned as she has built her business. Listen to my Vox

Day 10
Top director Kate Unger shares her story and the lessons she learned about recruiting along the way. Listen to my Vox

Day 11
Senior Sales Director Vicki Paul talks about how to be intentional with recruiting at your parties. Listen to my Vox

Day 12
Top Sales Director Briana Meisel shares her top 3 tips for recruiting. Listen to my Vox

Day 13
Senior Sales Director Traci Hanke talks with you about layering your prospects. Listen to my Vox

Day 14
Cadillac Sales Director Jamie Riley shares how she starts the layering process as soon as she books someone. Listen to my Vox

Day 15
NSD Tammy Vavala reminds us about the 4 point recruiting plan that Mary Kay Ash created for us to help us to pass it on. Listen to my Vox

Day 16
Listen as Sales Director Betty Biad shared with you why you should never prejudge, and offer this opportunity to everyone! Listen to my Vox

Day 17
NSD Cindy Leone talks to one of her favorite topics –sharing this opportunity. Hear what she loves most about team building: Listen to my Vox

Day 18
Executive Senior Sales Director Joanna Shipe shares her strategy for success. Listen to my Vox

Day 19
Senior National Sales Director Cindy Williams shares with you how to learn to listen to the women that you meet, and share from your heart. She reminds us to reflect on what Mary Kay has done in our lives, and to give that gift to others. Listen to my Vox

Day 20
Sales Director Ali Enerson shares with you how she medaled 6 months in a row. Listen to my Vox

Day 21
Hear from Top Director Tiffany Noel Taylor on The Opportunity. She signed 33 in a single month using these techniques. Listen to my Vox



Want more? Here are a few more awesome messages to give you even more great ideas and strategies!

1. Lacey Bradford on 5 quick facts to book that coffee/career chat. Listen to my Vox

2. Carol Thompson asks, Are you talking to her like a real person and asking her to consider doing this with you? Sharing at the individual close. Listen to my Vox

3. Tara Geraghty and her In the Bag Marketing to engage all their senses. Listen to my Vox

4. Maggie Rader on Focusing on the other person, make it about them!! Listen to how she has earned 30 Gold Medals. Listen to my Vox

5. Beth Feinstein sharing at one to one appointments with ease. Listen to my Vox

6. Executive Senior Cadillac Sales Director Holly Neff shares with you her passion for our opportunity and how important it is to listen to a woman’s story! Listen to my Vox