#1 Miracle Set — After using the Miracle Set for 4 weeks!


#2 Three types of exfoliation from Mary Kay : illustrated with the skin of a cantaloupe.
As we age, the natural process of exfoliation slows, leaving dead, dull lifeless skin cells on the surface.
Your skin will look SO MUCH younger if you help it along!
1. Skinvigorate Brush – gentle, surface exfoliation. Use with any cleanser.
2. Microdermabrasion Set – Another PHYSICAL exfoliation product. Aluminum oxide crystals in step one massaged into the skin take of dead skin cells. Follow with pore minimizer.

3. Repair Facial Peel – Glycolic acid is a CHEMICAL exfoliator and MUCH more powerful and effective (and gentle) process through which you can get rid of those same dead skin cells.

You can use all three! The brush daily. Alternate days with the microderm & facial peel.